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Easter Skips Skyking
APHA Pending
April 16, 2006
Chestnut Overo
DNA: ee oo
Owned by
      Michele Michener
Rest In Peace

Aidan was born 38 days late on Easter morning. This colt far surpassed our expectations of a Breeding Stock x Quarter Horse breeding. We never expected a foal with enough white for regular registry!

Aidan was sold in utero with his dam in June 2005. Michele Michener of Mindoro, Wisconsin is Aidan's proud owner. She waited so long for this colt to arrive and has done an excellent job raising him up. Isn't he a dandy? We couldn't have asked for a better foal out of this cross, and couldn't have asked for a better family to raise him up. Aidan means "Little Fire", we think the name is a perfect fit.

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