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This is Amigo's training log. Every groundwork session from 7/31/2008 to present day is recorded here.
We originally kept our training logs on our PC hard drive, but in September 2008 our computer was struck by lightning. Saving this online will hopefully prevent loss.

7/31/080:15 first time harnessed & bridled, ground driving basics
8/10/080:15 ground driving in yard, on trail
8/27/080:35 ground driving in yard, arena
9/5/080:30 ground driving in yard, check mail
9/20/080:10 minutes bareback leadline0:30 handwalking...handled by young kids
9/22/080:30 approx. in unrecorded sessions this summers
4/29/090:45 ground driving and pulling tire
5/8/090:50 disengaging hindquarters, lungeing, backing
5/12/090:40 disengaging hindquarters, disenaging forequarters, lungeing, backing
TotalRiding - 0:10Groundwork - 4:50

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