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Ima Klassic Destiny
APHA 862370
      APHR 000033
April 25, 2006
Born: 36", 87#
Palomino Tovero
DNA: ee T? Oo
Owned by
      Donna Long

Baby Girl was born at 9:45 pm. We had Foxy on the camera and I got lazy, only checking every hour, we knew she was going to foal that night, but I expected her to wait until the morning hours! I went to look at the monitor at just before 10 and there was Baby Girl! We rushed out to the barn and her hind legs were still inside, so we didn't miss it by much. I still kick myself for that to this day.

Baby Girl is really something else. She had so much energy, so much play drive. Foxy was a great mom, so worried about Baby Girl. And oh would she get mad when Baby Girl would sneak off and run around the pasture. Poor Foxy never got a chance to eat. This filly was a blast to watch, she was so cocky and full of herself. She never held still. We sold her with her dam in May. Donna Long is her current owner, oddly enough, Donna wanted Baby Girl right from day one! Despite 2 other owners, Donna got her in the end! Thanks for giving her a good home! "Destiny" looks great!

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