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Puppy #1 - Sold
Puppy #2 - Sold
Puppy #3 - Sold
Puppy #4 - Sold
Puppy #5 - Sold
Puppy #6 - Sold

This is Bam Bam, Chikie (YorkieChi, Chorkie) Puppy #1. He is a Black & Tan with heavy brindling (on the tan) and some white markings. Born 4/12/2007 out of Tia, by Gregory. See the parents on the Dogs page.

Bam Bam is loaded with personality. He has longer Yorkie-like hair. He is the ideal mixture of Yorkie and Chihuahua. Bam Bam loves to be cuddled and loves to play. Lots of folks have fallen in love with him, but they all wanted females. He is average size for this litter. Bam Bam is sold to Goodman, WI.

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