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More Group Photos - watch them grow and play!

Puppy #1 - Sold
Puppy #2 - Sold
Puppy #3 - R.I.P.
Puppy #4 - R.I.P
Puppy #5 - Sold
Puppy #6 - R.I.P.
Puppy #7 - Sold
Puppy #8 - Sold
Puppy #9 - Sold

*Pictures at less than 24 hours old* Chubbers gave birth to 9 Chia Pom puppies on September 12, 2006. From what we can find, the world record for a Chihuahua litter is 10. And this is Chubbers' first litter! She even had a set of white twin males. Sire is a friend's fawn colored Pomeranian with an excellent, out going people personality. Dam is our very own Chubbers, a black reverse brindle long haired Chihuahua with white markings. The dam is always the visitors' favorite.

Chubbers is doing a fantastic job taking care of her babies. Sadly, however, we did lose the smaller twin at 3 days old.
These are 4th generation puppies on our farm. We are very experienced and familiar with this family line. They are great dogs, with great color, and even better personalities. These puppies should be no exception - and WOW look at all the different colors. We are asking $150 for each puppy. $50 deposit holds puppy until it is ready to wean. Should mature around 8#

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