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Sundowner's Bad Boy Lily
AMHR 277152T
May 7, 2006
30.75", 150#
Black Tobiano
DNA: Ee aa Tt
For Sale

Cisco is a flashy minimal white tobiano. We first partial clipped him, but once it warmed up enough we did a full body clip. Cisco doesn't mind the clippers at all, even on his muzzle and ears. Cisco also bathes, ties, stands for the farrier and for fly spray.

Cisco has an even bite, good legs, no dwarf characteristics at all. He is quiet and gentle. Cisco is up to date on deworming, hoof care, and is on a well balanced diet. He gets along with all the other horses, minis and fullsize. You can touch him anywhere with no kick or bite. He is easy to catch and will follow you all over. Cisco sidepasses, flexes, and pivots on the forehand and the haunches. This little guy is ready to be your kid's next 4-H project, or just a fun pet!

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