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Winter Rain
APHA 544,871
      APHR 000005
Feburary 15, 2000
15.2 hands, 1310 lbs
Palomino Solid
DNA: ee Crcr

Dance is Mr. Personality. I don't think Dance will ever grow up. He's a reliable all around horse. You show him what to do, and he'll give it his all. Very forgiving, he is great for kids, but don't underestimate his intelligence, he'll take advantage of you, if you do. He does not appreciate being treated like a horse, he's a member of the family, and demands his share of the cake! Dance is the 2007 Uncle Ike's Speed Show Series Grand Champion, also the 2007 Western Connection Game Show Series Reserve Champion.

Originally, we bought Dance April 19, 2001, he was officially the second Paint/pinto we owned - the first being his brother, who we purchased 2 days prior. We named him Sundance, but over the years we got lazier and it just became Dance. He was hell on 4 hooves when we got him, craziest animal ever. Before long he was the most reliable horse we owned. We trail rode him, used him as transportation both undersaddle and in harness, gamed on him, and later sold him only to buy him back eight months later. He is here to stay now. Dance team pens now, and is proving to be an outstanding gaming horse. He performs better all the time.


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